things. stuff. whatever. bored. busy.

let's see. hmmm... nothing new. but still felt the need to update my blog.
no new bike parts if you can believe that. still lusting the dt 240 ss bolt on hub and that's about it. i also want to build a new wheelset. dt 190 hubs laced to some stans rims. but in reality i have to get my mac fixed. the h thing and no return is driving me mad.
the 190 hubs are mad expensive and probably aren't worth the price difference compared to the 240. but my mind doesn't work that way.
i still need to buy a calendar to put all the race dates on there. people's weddings, etc to make sure they don't conflict with any races. better to break the news to them now rather than later. or maybe there is still time for them to move their date.
i guess i hadn't shared that my mom had a breast cancer scare. she had to have some outpatient surgery for a biopsy, but everything came back benign. huge weight lifted off all our shoulders.
tattoo is two weeks from today. seems so far away. casey has bmx friday and saturday. john will be riding the tour this sunday. hopefully i can get some form of riding in myself.
i miss my bikes. two of them need some major love. i tried visiting with them but its hard with a 1 year old. she ends up putting her head by the chainring or almost gets her fingers caught in places she may lose them. never fails.


That Guy said...

I'm the same way. The 240s are great, but if there is a better model, my eyes start wandering...

I need to finally buy some hubs to build those carbon MTB rims at some point...

spicyride said...

yeah, get on that ya slacker!

Kim said...

that is too funny...our preliminary schedule for the series just came out & already I'm going through the weddings/family events etc thing in my head...and duh, the races always overrule! without a second thought.

The Baron said...

Raech...please. Don't go thru with the ink. Please.

Anonymous said...

why dontcha get an external keyboard? USB keyboard for like $20 bucks at best buy (or cheaper on craigslist).

then you can stave of the computer fixer fees and then still dream of actually getting those fly wheels.


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