blogs... i'm such a fuckin idiot. i can be so fuckin computer retarded sometimes. anyway, it's that time of year again where i get super depressed. it's been cold and dreary far too long. i always ask myself why we live here. number one reason, family i guess. work from home today. i've actually gotten a lot done. i took a break and found this blog site. i finally ripped all my music into itunes. it's crazy and refreshing to hear all the music you've purchased over a long time... sometimes it's like, umhhh yeah, but mostly it's good. i'm working on getting a surly steamroller. i've been wanting one for some time. once i get it all i need is a rear wheel. i would prefer a flip flop only because i can be a chicken shit sometimes. well... nevermind.

i'll leave for now with a pic of the flume trail out in lake tahoe, inspiration and motivation to work out tonight. back to work i s'pose.