it was hot and time was stickin to my skin

i had a good weekend. i think. wait. oh yeah. 50 mile road ride on sat. it was flat, but fun. it was good to get some miles in other than the 11 mile loop. 11 mile road ride with my mom on sunday. no mtb ride. blasphemous i know. izzy's grad party on sunday. we had a good time. lots of food and cake. i love cake. i have come to find that it is my weakness... that, clothes, shoes and bike stuff. i am weak. i wish i had cake right now. a ho ho will have to do. mesa ride with jillian last night. it was fun. i was hoping to get out a bit earlier, but i'll take what i can get. late dinner it was for sure. tomorrow wed night out at palos. more mtb. casey's first day at camp today. i was so nervous and happy for her. i hope she had a good time...