mice eat cheese

it's a bit after 1pm this lazy friday afternoon. green day is playing on itunes. it's really cold in the office. it's mid-80s outside and i'm sitting here freezing with a hoody on and goose bumps covering my legs. red the fraggle is staring at me. she's hanging out at my cube. i forget fraggle rock. i watched it all the time. in fact i'd like to watch it again as an adult. i'm waiting for some packing slips to print to send to raleigh. pain. it takes forever and you can't do anything else while they are printing- well except maybe update your blog and send emails. it's a typical friday here at work. nobody is really here. in fact i'm the only one down on this end of the building. i feel lonely. my stomach is growling. i need to find some lunch. i'm starting to get that weak fidgety feeling. i don't want to leave. i didn't bring a lunch either. not even any ramen in my drawer. on a more positive note, the day will eventually come to an end (i'm guessing early) and i'll head home. jill will come over so we can finish her bike and maybe we can order a pizza or something.... mmmm. tomorrow will be a lazy saturday. hopefully straighten the house early and do whatever. then the l.a.t.e. ride. looks like a pretty big group is going. john, eric, tad, jill, sara, tony, izzy, bos, umhhh... who else, i thought there were more. anyway, still a decent crowd. i'm riding the spot i think. the fit will probably feel all fucked up, but we'll see. sunday, hopefully a mountain bike ride out at the mesa. i haven't been there all week and i miss it. anyway, back to work. i'm sure my packing slips printed.


Jimmy Crack Corn said...

So I know it's probably an inside thing, which I'm not privvy to, but "800-WTF-JILL?" Didn't get it.
Oh, I did almost finish my road bike though! Maybe I'll grace you with some pictures next week.
Say hi to Jill for me!


spicyride said...

we hadn't seen jill in like 2 weeks... so i thought i'd ask out in cyperspace... ooh pictures.