bike laundry

went for a road ride. nothing spectacular. i only have one water bottle on my bike so i stayed close. i keep telling myself quality over quantity... surprisingly there weren't many people out. totally a good thing. the only thing slowing me down were the deer. lots of fawns with their moms hanging out right on the edge of the trail. we have a loop around the golf course that i usually end my ride on. i did it twice after my ride. on the last lap i made it a goal to finish in under 10. i made it, but wow, my legs and lungs were screaming. i probably made it in like 9:20. i came home and john was in the yard washing bikes. i jumped in to help.
looks like tony and the gang had a good time at imagination glen. i'm bummed i missed it, but at the same time it was fun spending some time with casey and catch up on my chores. i'd like to hit that place this year, perhaps hit the race as well. it's a really fun place to ride, and it's soo close.