dg bigwheel race and i hurt like hell

can i say my kid is bad ass? we went to the downers grove crit this afternoon. big wheel race at 1:45. i couldn't wait. it was pure chaos. the 2 and 3 year old girls took off first. this was casey's heat. she was so cool i can't even explain... so cool i couldn't believe she was my kid! anyway she had a blast, we had a blast. she wants to go again. she said she had just too much fun.

here she is with her game face on checking out the course ahead of her:

look how cool she is getting her medal:

and of course she had to show it off.

john and i thought for sure she'd chicken out. when the lady blew the whistle she took off. we have great video.
luckily it was a laid back day. i feel like i've been hit by a car. so i'm going for a ride now. hopefully i will feel better.