the plan was to ride at 9am. yeah right. i slept in after that stupid daiquiri. i was rehydrating all morning. wtf. it was ONE daiquiri. anyway. we did a donut run and then called some friends for a mtb ride out at the mesa. we finally got out the door at like 11am. nick, john and myself were out for over 3 hours! it was a perfect sunny day (still is actually) blue skies, sun shining... the sun was hot... but we were in the trees riding singletrack the whole time so we didn't notice til we were on our way home. the ride started with the usual paved trail ride there. we bombed down into the trails after hitting the entrance. it was so dry and dusty. the dust was so thick in spots you thought twice about hanging it out in turns. the trails seemed narrower from the late summer growth. i kept an eye out for renegade poison ivy... we headed down raccoon alley up to the mesa to the outer loop. climbed up and headed to the outer leg. we ran into two other guys out there. that was it. we looped back to the outer loop to head back to the mesa. we walked the log that had the hornets nest that attacked jill two weeks ago. rather be safe than sorry. i am still wondering if anyone went out there to take care of that. anyway, made it up the snake pit. the mesa bridge connecting to the outer loop is looking a bit shady. we hit sublime next. nailed the teeter totter and proceeded to garden grove. i bonked as we came out of garden grove. my legs felt like jello as i hit the steep climb out. we didn't have any food with us. when will i learn. i guess i think when i'm less than 5 miles from home i don't need to bring any. we made it back and headed out for some food... and then some shakes from oberweiss. he he.
road ride tomorrow? yesss.