i need to ride more... other than wed and pre ride sat and race sundays. i can't seem to find or make the time. starting tomorrow i will hopefully change that. i was doing it before, i don't know what changed?
palos went on tonight. i pulled in the lot with john right behind me. what a surprise. i wasn't expecting to see him. sara was in the lot with mike and derrick.
it was a small group on the ride, probably medium paced. i had moments of breathing hard and legs burning, but for the most part, we were just riding a long. john, sara, dana, hans, tom, paul and myself headed up and out of the parking lot. mike and derrick went out on their own. we took the gravel to pipeline and headed out towards psychopath down into turf1. john flatted right away. he sent us on our way, he'd catch up. we took the road back up to dynamite road and headed towards three ravines. what a fun trail. i've been riding that trail for a long time and it never seems to lose it's appeal. we all regrouped and headed down towards one day trail up into gravity cavity climbing out to the multitrack to head out to the out and back trail. coming out of the back part of the out n back it was getting a little dark. it was kind of a bummer for a second as i realized the daylight hours were getting shorter by the day. better enjoy them while we can.
we all decided to head back. it was a good ride. wednesday rides are a good time and i hope they continue. i just need to ride more on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. maybe if i did, i might be faster.


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