we leave for peoria tomorrow am. nobody knows the course so it should be interesting. a friend says it's his all time favorite course so it's probably pretty good. we like riding similar stuff. the rv is getting the call so casey and carbon can tag along. tony's bringing his kids as well. we should hopefully be home at a decent hour. sunday hopefully hit the mesa for a ride early. then head out to downers grove for some crit action. there's a bigwheel race for the kids and i want to sign casey up. i think she'll have a blast! today i'm hoping to bust out of work early. get some minor cleaning done at home and get ready for tomorrow. i'll try to get on the bike as well. mtb or road? i think sara and zach should be on their way home. i look forward to seeing some pics and hopefully some fun stories.


mountaingoat said...

Have fun at the race!