rode last night. just on the pavement. it was a really nice night. i tried to get as much in as i could as it was getting dark. i hate when daylight disappears early. i rode the spot. i found out why that bike always feels different everytime i ride it... the seat was loose on the seatpost. kept moving up and down. i felt like frank not tightening and checking all my bolts. i still think i want a flat bar on that bike. i didn't work on the sycip yet, its in bad shap. lockout doesn't work, cables and housing are all messed up, rotors are loose... i need to do some serious work to it if i want it by sunday. john is heading to the mass tonight. he's meeting nick here. there's part of me that wants to go as it's all about riding your bike... but i'd feel much better hitting the mesa and getting some dirty action in.