third eye

calument sun run happened today. i've never done that course before. my result doesn't show it, but i didn't feel very well today. you always wonder how good you could have done if you felt better. i've been placing top 10 lately so 11th overall to be honest kinda bummed me out for a minute. i know, boo hoo right? anyway, i'm happy with it.
saturday we got a bunch of shit done in the house. i mean the upstairs is still a wreck, but downstairs rules. we then had e's bday party at my aunt deb's house. good times. it was nice to see the family again. i hadn't been to a family gathering all year.
friday night, shit, what did we do... oh yeah, dinner and bed.
thursday i finally saw the eye doc! woohoo, no more green specs for me. not that i don't like 'em or anything. they were great for riding, or being funky occasionally... but anyway, new pair hopefully in this week. and contacts!... w00t!
race report tomorrow. hopefully mike will have pics up and i can borrow them.
no plans for the week yet, well, all except wednesday at palos... hopefully the yellow jackets have plans to stay in their hives or whatever.
i'm going to go snuggle with casey (yeah, she's still up!)...