desperate for dirt

i hoped to get out of work early. it isn't an easy feat considering how busy it is. the plan was to start picking up about 4 and be out the door by 4:30. no deal. i forgot about an oe meeting. i was in the e by 4:50. traffic had red dots for the stevenson. i listened to the radio. hour and 50 to the north south. which meant maybe hour and 30-40 to the tristate. bummer. the times kept getting longer. i was sitting as if i were parked on the expressway. i decided to get off and take my chances on the side streets. ugghhh. fucking horrible. i sat in the car nostrils flared for over 2 hours. i still think it was better than the stevenson though. it was going on 6:30 and i was still in my car. palos was closer. there was never any thought of going home. i was going for a ride even if it was for a half hour. i arrived at about 6:50. i have never changed and been out of my car so fast on my bike in my life. i saw tp heading down the staging area trail. hooked up with him for pipeline, three ravines, one day, gravity cavity, secret, and then out n back. we saw matt heading towards the out n back. i rode for maybe 45 minutes. i was in my car driving about 7:50. more traffic as i headed home. big clusterfucks in all the gas stations blocking the intersections.