no ride

rain yesterday. i was determined to ride anyway. so i sat in my car for over 2 hours to get to the trail... by the time i arrived i decided not to ride. it had rained a lot harder than i had hoped and it was cold. it wasn't worth getting sick over. mike said the trails were like mini rivers and real fun, but it was cold. if it were 90 degrees i think i'd have rode for sure. i miss riding in the rain.
i have this horrible pain in my sternum. i don't know what it's from. i couldn't even breath last night it hurt so bad. i thought i was going to cry. i can still feel it somewhat today. i feel it in deep breaths and moving my arms certain ways. no clue what it is but it hurt likes hell. part of me thinks its asthma related- something to do with the hot pepper i accidentily ate at lunch yesterday that was hotter than anything i've ever eaten.
i finished all the harry potter book. i really enjoyed them but now it's the long wait for the 7th. i will find myself in the car during my commute thinking about what will happen next. some of my nerdier moments i guess.