crab apples

man am i in a sour mood. for what reason i do not know. lack of bike riding is certainly a culprit. sitting in a car for hours on end every day does wear on me. my back aches... my ass is numb... i'm tired. i lose hours and hours a week to the element. time wasted and calories not burned.
i want to build a new bike for myself, but i don't want to sell any either... not that i think i have too many (see post below), i just don't have cashola.


mountaingoat said...

You guys should build a big kick-ass, 29er, double bumpy tandem. That would lift the spirits.

Anonymous said...

You sure complain a lot for someone with 15 bikes, a new car, a loving husband, a cute kid, a nice house, and a cool dog. Go out and have a mai tai at the Hala Kahiki bar in Rosemont.
Your basement reminds me of my old garage, I really miss those days.
Call me tomorrow.

spicyride said...

dude, be quiet, just cuz yer life sucks doesn't mean i can't have a bad evening... call me or whatever, i don't have your phone #- i left my cell phone at home, duh.