feelin' better

i'm starting to feel better. sitting at the kitchen table i took a deep breath and didn't have to concentrate. my yawn was a yawn. it just happened without thought. finally.
i realized today i hadn't even posted about my mountain bike ride with the cat and bee bos on saturday. we went to the mesa and had a kick ass ride. we started downhill towards racoon alley, through the creek, over the logs and up to jill's turn (you'll notice a lot of things are named after jill... she crashes a lot). up the hill. we headed through the mesa, john and bry over rachael's log, i went over on foot. over "his" brige, passed bryan rock, down the "float" bridge, up jill's roots, flowing, flowing, passed the log ride, john and bryan made an attempt to ride it. over the rainbow bridge, squeeze between the trees, sharp right, log, turn, log, turn, log, turn, pedal pedal... watch for the root, skid left. pedal, pedal, lean left, lean right, pedal, pedal, jump, fast left, over the log, lean slight left, lean slight right, lean slight left, bam, fast, roots, squeeze between the trees, lean hard right, lean left, angled tree down, up n over, slow turns, fast down- log jump, log jump... line myself up to get on sara's bridge. over the bridge, up the off cambr section. ahhhh... we stopped to chat about how wonderful it was to be out. debated on whether the mesa was "single" friendly and other serious issues. up the climb, out through the roots to the outer leg. the party pit musta been jammin' friday night. down jill hill, skirted the grand canyon and onto the outer leg we went. big logs, new logs and dusty turns awaited us. back on the outer leg out onto the outer loop. over the bee log, over the bridges, looked to the left for my favorite view, maneuver around the stump, down into the snake pit, up the snakes (man it seems so easy now) down by the river, back to sara's bridge. climb out back onto the mesa. charged to sublime. stopped to chat again about how wonderful it was to be out and how next time we'd invite more people to share the abundance of fun to be had. we headed out for sublime, with bry in the lead. through the leaves (man it needs to be raked- jeremey, lori?)... floating over the bridges, carving turns, jumping the logs and roots. off the log jump, up the climb over the log... sharp left with tons of roots... over the teeter totter and headed out. fast downhill. WOOHOO. back to raccoon alley, up the rooted climb. it flattens for a second and climbs again. whew, catch my breath, hop over the log and head over to garden grove. this really needs to be raked. downed tree. big one. we prop it up so we can pass. what geniuses we are. back on our bikes, awesome slight dowhill over more logs. log piles, bridges, squeeze in between the trees. sharp right. ride fast, skid right, little whoop, go dooowwwnnn and then uuupppp... whew i made it. head back out to the pavement. 3 hours of singletrack fun and good converstation with my husband and one of my best friends.
this makes absolutely no sense unless you've been there. i sure had fun reliving it.
hopefully the ride sunday can live up to this.


mountaingoat said...

I'm not doing any freakin' raking until next year.

Tony said...

Wow you summed up like 5 years worth of trails in a paragraph or two. And quite eloquently I might add.

spicyride said...

man, you forget how fun it is out there... i can't wait to go back.