all this talk of ss

My first singlespeed was in 99 I think. It was after being at the Red Wing, MN Norba Nats. The single speed race started and I was on the course with my bassboat blue schwinn homegrown. Hurl, or who I originally thought was Hurl, was walking up the climb with a lawn chair and cooler. He positioned himself right smack in the middle of this open climb. I sat on my bike at the end of this killer singletrack waiting for them to come by to watch some ride and most walk the hill. Hurl of course was heckling them, and they were heckling each other. Then they were all picking on Wakeman… Wake, Wakieee. Great memory. I would officially meet those guys in 2000 for the Single Speed Worlds in Minnesota. It was awesome to meet the guys that inspired me to build my steel stumpy into a one gear. I've got some great pics somewhere of the derby and fire at Grumpy's. I don't remember much of that night before the race. I was so drunk I couldn't see anything but people's shoes and bottom of their wheels. I remember sleeping, well really passed out, in the suburban and freezing our asses off. I remember the Le Mans start, the off cambr singletrack and the tree I hit with my new super wide handlebars (for leverage ya know) that knocked me out cold. What a good time.
That same year John had been starting to get burned out from racing. The singlespeed was a rebirth for him. He raced singlespeed with all the gearies for a bit. Then he started geeking out on drivetrain parts again.
I always like riding single in the fall and spring. I hate leaves in the cassette. Drives me nuts.
I rode the mesa yesterday on the rig. I have been dying to get it off road. i spun the 32:20 stock gear on the pavement thinking about what it would bring offroad. i was nervous about riding the 29er in tight singletrack. perhaps that was a good thing as there was nothing to be nervous about. i can't describe the feeling of riding a 29er offroad. it's just not something i expected. it was really different. fun different. it wasn't like riding my geared bike, then going out there on my single or a dually. it was a completely different experience. it made me giggle. everyone should have one in their stable.
it was good to rekindle the single speed flame... it's been too long.