a blur

that was this weekend. they just fly by sooo fast. i thought i told myself that we would be spending more time at home to take care of it. nope.
friday night we finished building a bike. i'm waiting for the upgraded parts to come in this week. hopefully.
saturday up early to head out to the st. charles area. it was way the hell out in, well, it was far for being "local". temps were in the 50s but it was windy which made for chilly spectators. john loved the course. he did awesome placing 6th in the A race, just out of the money.
after the race, bry, dion, tim, deb, casey and i went out for lunch at some awesome mexican restaurant in downtown st. charles. damn, it was good. it was a long wet drive home after that. i didn't get to test ride the new rig when we got home like i planned. bummer.
we worked on john's bike for the rest of the evening as it needed some minor adjustments. we were both frustrated with the front brake so we called it a night.
sunday morning was the poker ride. it had rained, thundered and lighteninged (?) all night long. we were going anyway. i'm glad we did. it was cold in the morning. the wind was brutal and it was damp. i overdressed and proceeded to join the intermediate ride. while we were pulling our cards john and bryan gave me the look and said join our ride. i was like no lame duck ride for me today. but i'm weak and gave into the peer pressure . i joined their ride. it was a perfect rachael pace. it was a good time. the trails were in surprisingly good condition. burrito hill was a bit muddy but the leaves took care of that. out n back was in perfect condition. i could have rode that trail all day.
after coming back, the downtubes were a bit muddy and there were some flecks on our butts, but surprisingly, that was it. we stayed for a bit and grabbed a bite, had some beers and checked out all the cool swag for the trailworkers and poker ride winners.
i did some shopping later that day, helped pack john's bike up and called it a day.