i hate my blog

i have nothing to write about. the only thing really going on for me right now is none of my clothes fit. it's irritating.
no new bikes for me. i'm hoping to get a cruiser for the upright position. riding my mtb, it sucked bending over to reach the bars. and my road bike, forget it. it's between two cruisers. both are internal 3 speeds. i'll have to decide.
john's blur is done. looks good. now we are waiting for the xc frame to come in... end of the month hopefully. that'll be fun to build up.


BoyWhore said...


creepyfriendly said...

Spice this puppy up with some pics or some inside gossip about the company. You know, the prez is having an affair with the lunch lady. Tell us more about these cruisers.

spicyride said...

yeah, i need to get out of my lazy haze. pics coming... i need to buy a badass digital camera to replace my crappy one. john's xc bike, the zig- yeah it's what we wanted, but i thought too pricey for an aluminum hardtail, so a guy i know is building him a custom aluminum and carbon rear at his cost... we'll see.

creepyfriendly said...

Word. I'm getting nervous about my race bike. I don't get one until they come into stock which means never since the damn thing is so popular. I've been riding last years as a fixed and will probably race some fixed this year. It's a hoot. Let's see some more pics of the bikes in your stable.