okay... bikes

i can't ride 'em and i want 'em.
i have never been a big fan of trek bikes, my only reason pretty much is that everyone has them. but i continue to drool over the new carbon hardtail, mainly because i am in love with the paintjob. it reminds me of one of the last year's homegrown's paintjob. i loved it so. i still think about that bike. the homegrown that is...
i have a hard time with carbon for mtb though. and the price, egads.
so bikes i want for the summer. i have 2 electra cruisers picked out. one is a black flame jobby with blue rims and the other is daisy filled oranges and greens. i'm leaning towards the black flame jobby. i can't post pics because electra's site is flash.
another one i'm still looking at is the gf triton. it's upright position will do me good over the summer, but getting my leg over the toptube... well, get a video camera. i like that because when i spit this kid out i can put some bullhorns or dropbars or moustache bars or whatever.
maybe both a cruiser and the triton? you know how it is. you can never ever have too many bikes to pedal around.
i have been thinking ti mtb too. i just can't get over the cost when you can have steel at a steal compared to it. i may do a desalvo next. we'll see. it's what i wanted before i ordered the spot. but michael at spot threw a deal at me i couldn't refuse.
but first things first, finish the sass. it's dying for a blue headset and to have the chrome fork put on. the matte black just isn't cutting it.
john's xc bike should be arriving real soon. that'll preoccupy an evening for sure. maybe we'll have people over and celebrate it's kickassness.
john's new steel cross bike needs some perty parts to hang on it as well... just waiting on a bar.
and then all the wheels on the market right now. i've been obsessed with wheels. industry nine, dt swiss, stan's rims, ooh la la. i love wheels. anyone want some pink king hubs laced to dt swiss rims? disc? j/k. i think.
i also want a new digital camera... anyone have any good suggestions?
i want so much shit right now my mind is spinning on how i will get my hands on it all.


mountaingoat said...

My wife just got me the Nikon CoolPix L1. 6.2MP and really easy to use. And pretty small.

Arleigh said...

oh yeh. DeSalvo.

Do it.