big elephant

that's what i feel like. i have run out of clothes. my tees don't fit. john's tees don't fit. if i put on a large or xl men's tee i look like a whale of a wife. sigh. i hate maternity clothes, not that i have any money to buy any... but i need to do something. i have one pair of jeans i am slowly outgrowing, no shorts, no capris... nothing. i'm sitting here at work sweating my ass off. my fingers are actually sticking to the keyboard i'm so warm. my back hurts, my feet hurt, i drink so much water a day i may float away. i'm in the bathroom every hour, i may buy stock in toilet paper. i'd love to go for a bike ride, but all my bikes are so racey i can't get comfortable. leaning so far forward my belly puts pressure on my lungs and i can't breath very well. i don't regret selling my blur, but i think i would use it right now since it was so upright. i think i'm just depressed that it's 70 degrees outside and i'm stuck with walking. yippee. i walked two miles yesterday and two today and both times i felt like my crotch was gonna fall off from all the pressure.


Tony said...

I have a box of tee shirts that will fit you. ;)

Lynn and/or Tim said...

I have some maternity shorts and capris if you're interested. I'm bigger than you in general, but for the home stretch, these might fit you. Just let me know. I feel your pain - with as swollen as I was last December and January, I feel for you heading into summer!!

spicyride said...

thanks lynn i may take you up on it.