do you believe in ghosts

i actually shed a tear on the way out to palos this morning. it was the day of the poker ride. while pregnant i always thought to myself, well when i finally pop this kid out, at least there is still the poker ride. of course i'm sick. like lung sick. an asthmatics nightmare... no way could i head out in 30 some degree temperatures with rain. i'm glad we headed out there though. singletrack was unrideable and the double track was almost as bad. but i'm still bummed. i kept saying to myself, too bad we didn't have yesterday's weather, then i had to remind myself again that i was sick.
i'm not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination. i'm not even sure if i consider myself spiritual, but i do feel i am to some degree. we used to always say that casey was watching spirits when she was a baby because she'd always be looking off somewhere smiling and kicking her legs n stuff. well zoe does that too. i joke with her that the spirits must be making faces at her because she'll be cracking up while i'm changing her diaper, but she's totally not looking at me. so tonight i'm sitting on my bed with zoe and the dog. i start joking with her about it again as she's looking off into the corner cracking up. so i say zoe are you playing with the spirits again, right after that behind our bed, a piece from carbon's cage made a noise, almost like somebody moved their hand across the bars. creeped me out. my mind tells me it was just a coincidence, but i can't help but think what a strange coincidence.
i think i read somewhere that the soft spot on their head had something to do with it. like it was a window to the spirit world. that's why after age two- i think about when the soft spot closes- their staring off into space cracking up ends.
not sure if i believe it, but it does catch my attention.


mountaingoat said...

I see dead people...

James said...

This is why I don't have kids.
Well, and like 100,000 other current reasons.

On a side note, I really liked riding Palos (Pahl-lohs) when I was out there. One of my favorite rides, probably to do with the whole fun weekend.

Weird, total tangent, but the word verification your blog gives me started with "MILF." Awesome.