cold ass

it was so nice tonight i rode without gloves. mainly because i was so overdressed i needed the heat to escape from somewhere...
but seriously it was nice out. i was surprised at how warm it was. trailpimp and i headed out on the paved loop which is now the half paved/half slush n ice loop. we rode a nice steady pace chatting just happy to be on our bikes watching for that next black ice patch. my saddle moved up (like straight up) and pretty much gave me a crotch wedgie so i was a bit happy to get home. next time i'll be sure to tighten the bolts properly cuz that sucked.
as nice as it was my ass was cold and is still cold. i chased casey with it when i got home. scared the crap out of her. damn knickers were half way down my ass all gang banger style. i'll remember a belt next ride... which hopefully will be tomorrow am.
fit kit ride tomorrow. i have to remember the camera.

p.s. i really want to watch napoleon dynamite right now. there are just so many reasons why.