little chompers

i think zoe's top tooth is coming in. she was pretty fussy the whole evening. i was finally able to get her down. now i'm tired and cranky.
i need to sell stuff to pay for my addiction. i'm gonna really sort through my stuff for real and have an affair with ebay tomorrow...
i am the pickiest eater ever. i'm totally surprised that i even tried pumpkin pie as a child. i loved it then and love it now. jewel had one in the bakery and i picked up yesterday. the whole time i walked up and down the aisles i mumbled to myself "don't forget the cool whip. don't forget the cool whip." i forgot the damn cool whip. fuck. now i have this perfectly good pie sitting here. i tried to grab some at jewel tonight on the way home from work. i walk in and this chick was standing there. she says "ma'am our system is down right now and we won't know when it will be back up"... i scan the store. there is probably like seventy people in line. how sucky is that! i guess i'll get some cool whip tomorrow.