the new year

the year change doesn't really affect me anymore. i've been entering data at work for 07 for the past two months and talk of 08 product has been going on for some time now.
we went to my aunt's house for new years eve. mainly family hanging out enjoying good food and drink while making fun of the bears. i made it to midnight, unfortunately so did zoe. and she kept partying til well past 3 am. which made the next day mostly consist of this:

one of the more exciting moments for me this past weekend was a saddle change:

adam is an ass saver therefore a lifesaver. ahhh... i couldn't believe the difference this saddle made while riding! getting off the back it was noticeably wider, but not bad at all- not like other women's saddles i've tried. very nice. i highly recommend it.
we added another new additon to the basement.

i have to admit. i've never been one for videogames... mainly because i suck. but i found myself over the new year's weekend wasting many hours playing lego star wars II.
these characters were down there plenty as well.

casey was down there so much john started calling her a gamer. but what was really funny is when i told her she needed to take a bath, she told me "gamers don't take baths". great.


MTB Girl said...

Smart kid.

Now you can play videogames while on the trainer. Multi-task. Time goes by so much faster when you do several things at once. . . .

spicyride said...

OMG! i totally didn't think about that! i'm so ashamed.