where's the snow?

all the hype has proven again to be nothing. just more wet. sump pump workin' overtime yet again. i'm tired of wrestling with the dog to wipe his feet when he comes in (actually he's real good about it, but still).
didn't do much this weekend except waste time and spend too much money on things... one of which was this. finally.
got another bike over the weekend, but i've been so busy with people over and errands and umhhh, video games i've yet to finish it. i haven't even really looked at it... which is pretty crazy for me. i thought about bringing it to work today so i could just be with it... but i didn't feel like standing in the rain loading it in the car. days like this is when i miss working at the shop.
since i appear to be the only person in my dept here today, nothing is keeping me from staying all day.
HA HA... summer of 69 just came on and i embarrasingly found myself rockin' out!!! my closet is huge.


mountaingoat said...

My closet is huge...took me a moment to get that.

MTB Girl said...

What kind of bike did you get now?