no teeth pulled today. i'm a little miffed as when i called to set up the appt i specifically asked if i needed a consultation... they said no. i had all my xrays, doctors note, etc. so instead of getting my teeth pulled i had to sit and watch a video for 20 minutes and then have a guy repeat what i just watched! and then sign a bunch of papers. how annoying! i purposely set up that appt for today so it didn't interfere with anything, etc. so now my appt is saturday at 10am. it was that or july. i hate the dentist even more now. my whole weekend is effed and i'll miss the palos picnic. i'm trying to figureo out where my bad karma came from.
i just hate when you try to do something and specifically try to head problems off at the start and you still get screwed.


Tom K said...

i have a knife and pliers if you get desparate.

Chris said...

Haven't you ever watched that Tom Hanks movie with the volleyball? I think he uses the blade of an ice skate and a rock. Then he passes out for 6 months and wakes up with a beard and zero body fat, and the amazing ability to catch fish with a spear. Do you think John would mind facial hair?