what did you think about last ride?

its late. i don't even wanna ride. i wish it were earlier. shut up and ride at least you get to go. why did i ride this (walt)? oh yeah, it's new and the spot needs work. i think i'm gonna be hot (wearing a long sleeve and vest). these voler shorts are way better than my verge. my saddle feels low. glass bottle by the curb... ooh hope if it punctures the stans works. where are all these cars coming from. why did i ride my single, this is way undergeared for the road. you'll be fine once you get out to the mesa. i'm tired. maybe i should go back and get my road bike... nah. my knee feels better on this bike, i wonder if the longer spindle on my spot is making my knee hurt. hmmm... i think my post slipped. (look down) maybe not. there's my mom. should i stop and say hi... only if she sees me. i feel sort of relieved she doesn't see me but bad at the same time. i wonder if tony is home. maybe he's getting ready for a ride and i'll have company. doubt it. it's mother's day. i should have called beth. nah, i bet she already went for a ride. wow i'm only going 11mph. i don't feel like spinning any harder. am i just lazy or tired? i know i'm out of shape but can spin faster than this. nah. why? hurry cross the street no cars. i wonder if i know those people? no, they are on comfort bikes. why do slow songs keep coming on my shuffle? maybe that's my problem. there's the trail. i wonder if the cicadas are out yet? no, i would've seen them already. maybe i'll run into a couple... i hope not. this stream crossing is really fucked up. i'm still amazed at how much water damage. we really need to cut this branch out... wow it's dried up even from friday out here. i'm tired. i'm gaining more confidence riding offroad though. fuck, i almost went off the wrong way. what's up with that. wow, it is the 29er wheel that allows me to get through that creek. dammit i didn't even make it half way up that hill. i'm sweaty... i'm going this way (sublime). wow this is in good condition. wtf. why do i keep pulling on one side on the walt (i went down after crossing a log). i hope there wasn't any poison ivy down there. okay concentrate here comes another log. maybe you aren't paying attention. this bike steers quick. it reacts to everything. is that good or bad? i think i just need to get used to it. give yourself a little break you haven't been offroad longer than 10 miles since sheboygan... so... wow this trail is hard on a 29er. i like it. i need to get this down. i accelerate really fast and am not used to it... and then it's not as nimble compared to my spot. but it's still awesome. i wonder what gear i'd run at palos? wow, that jump sucked. kinda scary. was it out of practice or the 29er? overanalyzing? just concentrate. fuck, i hope i get that turn and roots next time. fuck. oh my god it's like that log wasn't even there. that was cool. where's the trail? lazy eye... i like this song. teeter totter. i forgot about that. i'm doing it. no problem! rock garden. whoa... i almost went down in that turn. wtf? i seem to when the front hits something in a turn i feel like i'm going down. am i just being a wuss, a learning curve? who cares just pay attention. WOW, that's a big log crossing on a slight incline in a turn... can i even do that? i don't care. maybe next time. where's the trail? i love the mesa. i bet i can make it up rachael's log on a 29er. maybe i'll do it when i'm with someone. i'm tired. my hub feels like it's dragging. there are stan's sticks everywhere. this is fun. i forgot to tell people that the grand canyon is eroding toward the trail. i wonder if they know. i should fix that rut. (going into his bridge) bryan's rock. i wonder if he knows we call this bryan rock? okay log crossing you pulled too hard right last time you went over this. no problem. wow this bike accelerates so fucking fast. i need to get some skills to handle it like it deserves. i love these roots. they make me think everytime. this corner is muddy. i wonder if i can do that log ride. nah. rainbow bridge. squeeze between the trees. who keeps raking that trail? fuckers. whoa... you pulled too hard right again. wtf. smooth smooth smooth. i'm tired. my back is killing me. what will geneva bring? my back is gonna take me out. i'm gonna suck. who cares. i wonder how bad i'll suck? i hope i'm not last. i think i'll care if i'm last. there's a shitload of deer out here. i wonder if there are any coyotes? wow this dried up a lot. this log is so easy on a 29er. i can't believe how different this looks here. i'm going over our bridge... hold breath. phew. YES. got that out of my system. fuck this climb is hard. breath breath. this is fucking rooty. i feel like i'm gonna hit that tree with my elbow. i wonder where that tree comes up on tony? should i keep going? hmmm... yeah. i love this section. i love hammering over the raised roots. heh heh... siwinski was right... there's the go around for that tree down in the ravine. it wasn't raked here but you can totally see the trail. oh yeah, be careful grand canyon's ledge is at the edge of the trail now. i wonder if they'll reroute it. that one section is real dangerous. fucking thorns. i should head back it's getting dark. i'm tired. my hub feels like it's dragging. i need to stretch my back. my back is gonna be the death of me. oh my god i can't even straighten out. i think my post slipped. yeah, i think it slipped a little. maybe that's why my back hurts more than before?
thoughts of more of the same filled my brain as i headed back home. i was exhuasted and my back was killing me. i was talking to jeremey (after his iola post) about all the different thoughts that race through your mind while riding.
i'm still recovering from being sick (the whole family is). i also have this tooth infection dragging me down. vicadin had to put me to sleep for two nights in a row. i think the antibiotic has killed it enough now that it doesn't hurt near as much. may 29th i get a bunch of teeth pulled... i made sure it was after geneva and not near a weekend.
i hope all you moms had a great day... to those of you that read my blog and have a mom, i hope you made her feel special and appreciated.
casey has soccer tomorrow. hopefully she'll have more fun than she's had the past two games.


That Guy said...

This was nice, glad you reposted it.