out of sorts

i can't put a finger on how i feel today. crabby, nervous, guilty, annoyed, upset, calm, bugged, the list goes on. the wind is blowing pretty darn good right now... sucks for riding in the open, but good for drying the trails. all in vain though, its supposed to rain. meh. dora the explorer is on for the 3rd time today. nobody is watching it, the tv is just on. i want to finish the rig but i'm missing tires and a long enough chain.


D A N O said...

I was out last nite riding into that huge headwind. In the rain.

I'm weird like that. :-0

Arleigh said...

i'm sorry! I got my wisdom teeth cut out in high school. I felt fine but if I exercised for the following 3 weeks I thought I was going to pass out.