soccer n things

casey has played soccer every monday and wednesday for the past month and a half. it's been fun loading up the tot rod and all heading out on our bikes to watch her play. bee swarms is what they call them. it's funny as that's exactly what it looks like out there with every kid following the ball. watching them i can totally understand how there are "those parents" that yell and scream at their kid. i hope to never become like that and i don't think i will, but i can see where it comes from. don't get me wrong, i loved every minute of watching her play, but really it is kind of boring. last night was great though. it was probably one of the most fun and hilarious half hours of my life in a long time. i'm sure every kid out there was in bed early last night.
as much as this pains me casey started gasp cheerleading last night. my sister has her own gym in mokena. every cousin of mine (they are all girls, all 13 of them) have been cheerleaders. i was the black sheep. when i was younger living at home my sister would constantly harrass me to "watch this" as she'd show me her new "routine" she had created. she'd make pyramids out of the furniture and cheer and dance. gosh i hated that. but she loved it like i love biking. casey is now interested (all my younger cousins are cheerleaders as well as her cousin). i'll be honest there is a part of me that hopes she doesn't take an extreme liking to it... but if she does, i'll be there for her every practice and competition and will like it and be happy because she's happy.


D A N O said...

I did the soccer mom stuff with my youngest. Shes 13 now.

I had a blast watching the more "agressive" parents yelling at the kids. (sometimes at each other)

That whole senario turned me off and now she's into cell phones and MTV anyway. I blame her mother for the latter.... :-)