long but short

SRAM cup was a blast. john and i were teamed up. we took 5th. SRAM cup is an annual event in the summer where SRAM employees, SRAM friends, significant others, kids, etc. have a relay race. one a and one b rider team up to do a super short mtb loop. 10 laps, each rider does 5. afterwards we head over to a SRAMmie's house for some pizza, pop, beer, snacks etc. good times.
saturday john rode with bos while i went out to breakfast with the kids and my mom. i'm still thinking about the strawberry waffle.
we couldn't really do anything with the graduation party time looming. john went back at the walt tension screw (yes it was still stuck). and i took care of the kids. the graduation party was okay. lots of people i didn't know, the appetizers sucked (i was starving) but the food was killer. sausage, chicken, pasta, jello molds, the list goes on. i ate way too much as usual. we ended up not staying for the cake which was a total bummer, but to make up for it i had my share of brownies. hit the sack early (thankfully).
zoe was up at the buttcrack of dawn. i brought her downstairs. i thought i dozed for a second but apparently it was longer. when i woke the family room looked to have been hit by a snowstorm- she found her formula stash in the diaper bag. which turned out to be a good thing as motivation was early to start cleaning. we finished straightening up and headed to dunkin donuts for some coffee and grub. home depot for some misc items and headed home.
it was a beautiful afternoon. i couldn't help but think about eau claire. but it wasn't in the cards. 7 hour drive and no sitter didn't bode well for us to make that trip.
by this time john finally got the tension screw out of the walt!

probably about 5 hours total. i was super stoked. i don't plan on using those things ever again.
we celebrated by washing bikes and playing in the yard. it was a great afternoon.

my mom was mother of the day as she agreed to watch the kids while john and i played out at the mesa. john on his newly stemmed ardent and myself on the eriksen (i swapped out the devo for a deva- what a diff!!! i thought i needed to tweak the fit, with swapping the saddle, no tweaks). this would be my 3rd ride on this bike. the first time out was after the rain and i don't really feel like i was able to get a feel for it with the conditions. the 2nd ride with jeremey, jerry and dano i kind of consider the first test. i was a little timid on it. unsure of its handling. it was 26" wheels. i felt a little off. riding it sunday it felt like an extension of my body. it was wonderful. can't wait to get back out on it. the walt too... the poor road bike is still sitting in the basement unfinished. i also really need to tire up the industry nines. i know where my priorities are.
i was bummed out i wasn't at eau claire especially after race reports, photos and results are up. i love that course. congrats to jesse for taking the win again! awesome finishes for marko and ron as well. i think i would have done well. i hope anyway. next up is blue mounds. which bike?


joeyTWOwheels said...

Race both! It's an endurance race, so you can alternate.

D A N O said...

You did a lot of shit this weekend..... nice!

Tom K said...

Our bikes are soooooo dirty. If I had know, I woulda dropped them by.

That Guy said...

Why is it that all of these weekends seem to be super-full of exciting stuff when I'm not around?

Looks like fun, glad you had fun. I kicked my ass on a 50-mile road ride, where I discovered my newfound hatred of the Arione saddle.

P.S. What's with John's short-shirt? Showing off his abs?

spicyride said...

hello... we took you to the state ss champs race! it's not short shirt it's short shorts.

velogrrl said...

SRAM cup looks really fun. you could use those pics as a recruiting tool for SRAM.

I am hoping my usual race bike will be fixed in time for Blue Mound - that course is way over my head. (but you will love it) I was really missing the bike in Eau Claire. I hadn't ridden the other bike in so long (last summer) I was totally not used to it. Wider bars, etc. etc.

yeah, if you have the space you should take two bikes. a back-up on that course is always good. last year I think alot of people broke stuff. probably see ya there. are you and John doing a 6 hr duo?

spicyride said...

i'm still trying to figure out what frame you got. i don't know what we are doing... all i know is we are going.

velogrrl said...

I still don't have it yet, although I did get to see the frame when I took the parts! It's lovely.

it will fit me so much better than my road bike, I'll probably want to ride it on the road.

it's a cross bike, hence my "people won't see it until October" comment. another hint: it's something Mary McConneloug might ride.

I meant to ride tonight too, and got home late then got caught up in stupid stuff. Arrrrgh. I hate wasting a day when I could have ridden.

spicyride said...

i knew it was a seven! i just was looking at the mtb stuff. i was convinced they had a new mtb model that wasn't on their site yet. i didn't think to look at cross. duh. i was thinking of dana when you said i know someone.

Minigoat said...

You are gonna LOVE Bluemounds...very technical and fun. Plan on a looooong lap time, at least it was last year. Enjoy!

velogrrl said...

Dana has both a cross (Mudhoney) and a mtn frame. Scott has the same frame as mine, but you may not have known that.

A friend suggested I get one of their mtn frames so I would finally have a race bike that fit me, (they are probably thinking my riding might improve if the balance point, etc. was correct), but I need to learn more about the rear suspension they use. The Duo is a pretty odd looking bike to me. I know some people love the Maverick suspension. Do you know anything about it?

Did you decide to bring an extra bike on Saturday? If you look at last year's results, there are something like 13 DNF's in the SS race. Bring first-aid stuff too.