weekend review

i don't even remember friday. since i can't remember it, i'm going to assume nothing worth mentioning happened.
saturday john had tickets for chicagoland speedway. the oil guy at work gave him tix. he thought casey would get a kick out of it. he was right.

they were gone pretty much all day. i was left at home with this one:

what a terror she was. i had a long rough day. if she wasn't supposed to have it, she had it. which meant she usually ate it. i can't tell you how many times i took dog food out of her mouth, or paper, or shoes, or well you get the picture. she can open the toilet now (great). i tried to get some bike maintenance done but no way was she going to let me. she wanted my undivided attention and she got it. we had fun though.
last minute plans to do the l.a.t.e. ride i scrapped together some last minute babysitters (my cousins lauren and erin) so i could join the group. the lack of being able to do any bike maintenance had me sulking because i had to ride the eriksen. oh well. the surly with the basket would have been my first choice.

in past years the late ride has been a blast. this year, not so much. i didn't want to go but knew i'd regret it on sunday. they changed the course from the past years. we didn't go down lincoln where all the bars are. that was usually the most fun. we were also way out in front... no time to people watch, etc. but you almost have to make a choice, stay in the middle of the ride and get home at 6 am or go out front and be home at a decent hour. anyway, it wasn't my favorite ride but john and bryan at least made it somewhat entertaining on the extra cycle.
sunday we missed another wors race. family obligations. wors isn't working out this year it seems with our schedule. this time it was uncle chuck's 80th birthday party. it was a surprise at an italian restaurant just down the street from us, so that was cool. it turned out to be a real nice time.

i didn't get the riding in i had hoped for. i'm crossing my fingers the rain holds off until well after i get home so i can hit the path at least. next weekend is a baby shower on saturday (missing the wems race) and maybe pamba on sunday.


Tom K said...

It's been a long time since we went to the L.A.T.E. ride. I think now days I'd rather sleep.

vegan said...

Casey looks so old in those photos!
Christopher's sticking everything in his mouth too. At least my mom taught him to go "Mmm" when he's eating so if I see him chewing or hear him "Mmm"ing then I get to guess what I'm going to pull out of his mouth.