sunday sunday sunday

sunday started off with fresh hot cinammon rolls out of the oven and some freshly brewed coffee. read the sale papers to see if there was anything we had to have. and then tried to get a sitter so john and i could go for a bike ride together. we've rode our bikes together i think once or twice this year. i know, boo hoo, but i miss it. it ended up working out but we weren't able to get out until 1pm and it was a hot one yesterday. although, i will say that with it being in the 90s for so long, it doesn't seem as bad as it did a couple weeks ago. i think you just get used to it.
we met tp and beth at the staging area and headed out for a pretty mellow mtb ride... up the staging area singletrack to pipeline to psychopath to turf one up the road to 3 ravines up ho chi minh back to pipeline to the out n back. we had to call it a day as john's parents needed us back so they could go out to dinner.
the trails were a little muddy from the surprise rain the night before. by the end of the ride you could tell that everything wash drying up. even the singletrack back down to the staging area appeared to be dusty in spots. next time i'm out at palos we'll preride the race course. it'll be interesting and boring at the same time. there are so many cool trails it'll miss not to mention 3 ravines is so awesome downhill.

once home we headed over to my aunt's for my gram's birthday dinner and a nice swim. i think casey and zoe would both live in the pool if they could.


Christine said...

Love the B&W pic!

joeyTWOwheels said...

You look great. Man do I miss Palos. Sounds weird, doesn't it? I've ridden those trails one million times (except your new ones) and I miss it.

Need to bring the bike on my next trip.

- jd