by regina. I’m guessing this means I have to answer these questions?

jobs I've held:
through high school worked in the car business as a cashier
richard’s bicyle shop through my short college stint (it's changed so much since i've been there)
SRAM Corporation from then til now

movies I can watch over and over again:
goonies, napoleon dynamite, harry potter, breaking away and many more.

guilty pleasures:
ooh lots… some music, cup cakes, portillos chocolate cake, fountain drinks with lots of ice, strawberries and whipped cream,
anything harry potter

places I have lived:
blue island IL
my bike
oak forest IL

shows I enjoy:
fuel tv
discovery channel and history channel stuff
i don’t watch too much.

places I have been on vacation:
boundary waters MN
does racing in WI and MI count?
monterey and san fran CA
kauai HI
mt snow VT
seattle WA
i’ve been to other places for work.

fave foods:
mexican- love tacos
corn on the cob
spicy jambalaya

websites i visit daily:
every blog that’s linked on my page and then bloggers linked off their pages
various news web pages
cyclingnews and velonews

awards i've won:
spelling bee district champ in 8th grade
state hoop shoot champ in 5th grade
perfect attendance in school every year except when I had the chicken pox
many bike medals and trophies

spicy, rae, rae rae, mom

i won't tag anybody as i'll be bummed they didn't play.


That Guy said...

You forgot your excited adventure to beautiful Camarillo, CA!

spicyride said...

oh yeah, for some reason i was lumping that with the monterey thing. duh.

That Guy said...

Well, it is California. Though it's like 6 hours south...:)

D A N O said...

Our movies are the same!

But for bike movies I would have replaced Breaking away with PeeWee's big adventure!