what a drag

i don't feel like doing anything. i haven't had a vacation in over 3 years and i pick this week to take it. i'm still in awe of the amount of rain that's dropped. i'm in denial and keep thinking that if it doesn't rain today (yeah right) palos might be dry by sunday (no effing way).
zoe's second first birthday is saturday for my side of the family. hopefully it's at least dry for that. we are celebrating with my cousin erin and my niece audrey so we weren't competing for weekends and my family wouldn't be on birthday overload in august.


That Guy said...

You shoulda come out here, it's as dry as dry can be...:)

mzzm said...

No MTBing around here. Maybe a road ride or gravel trails? Hope the rest of your vacation is better! Three years is way too long! At least you enjoy your weekends.