the small things

i just found out the shop i used to work at is the industry 9 service center for our area. sweet.
2 hours to drive into work this a.m. lame. sitting in the car doesn't agree with my back. in fact that's when it's the worst. the aleve is a dream right now though compared to advil.
the eriksen is what i would describe as a mullet. all business up front with the easton wheel and a party in the back with the orange i9.
edit: i'm not bringing my wheel to the shop. one of the guys said they didn't have the special i9 tool. you mean like a park spoke wrench? no thanks. i don't want my wheel to be their guinea pig.


mountaingoat said...

My wife has prescription Aleve. It's fabulous!

velogrrl said...

Driving aggravates mine too. It's worse when I have to do alot of braking, stop and go stuff. If I could raise my seat more it would help, but I am out of room.

Maybe try a rolled up towel in the small of your back for extra support?

I like your description of your bike as a mullet, funny. Those orange wheels are great, hope it gets fixed soon.

spicyride said...

i have a rolled up towel, which has been a little too thick. i figured a thinner would do the trick.

Noel said...

I miss a lot of things, A LOT OF THINGS, about the Chicago area. The traffic is not one of them.