take three

i had an rx filled on a pair of frames from oakley the other day.
i have another pair of oakley frames here from years ago that were actually filled by oakley.
i picked up the new ones today and they aren't as crisp as the old ones.
i wonder if it's because it's not actually an oakley lens (they have killer lenses) or if my rx is wrong?


julie said...

is it the same rx for both of them? i find every time i get new glasses it takes like three weeks for me to adjust, and up till that time i keep thinking it's all wrong.

MTB Girl said...

Is it the same type of lense? I had to take mine back in right after they were done, because i got the lighter weight lenses and those apparently don't "curve" as well. They re-filled it with the plain old "regular" lenses and it was MUCH better (still not the BEST, but decent for the $$).