the weekend

the wedding was okay. food wasn't that great but it did it's job.
saturday was the chirpractor/napropathy guy. it was cool. nice lower back massage.
no adjustment yet. my muscles on my left side are super tight so he wanted to loosen those guys up before doing anything else. it's still sore (and to the touch now from the "massage") but at least i can tie my shoes and change zoe's diaper.
no rides on saturday. lots of errands and stuff.
we built john's ferrous on saturday. it's very sweet. i'm jealous.
sunday i went for a ride. if you want to call it that. i sucked! but at least i was out. 20 miles solo on the eriksen. i changed my post to the ti thinking it might "give" a little more... but now i don't feel like i set it up perfect. i think the seat is a little low.
the wind was brutal on the way to the trails but once i hit the trees it was beautiful. almost a little hot. the smell in the woods was of hot fallen leaves. i've been wheezy. i wonder if there is anything i can even do this time of year or what?
i'm not going to think about it. looks like rain.


mountaingoat said...

We need pics of the Ferrous.

Tom K said...

Good call, MG.


spicyride said...

okay, okay.