blah blah blah

work was sucky today. i'm still backed up from my vacation. not only that, i'm filling in for efrain who is in taiwan. so now i have trek oe on my ass.
no ride today. it was john's night and he didn't take advantage. my night tomorrow. i need to get my shit in order now (don't forget your gloves).
hopefully there will be people out there to ride with. it's getting darker earlier which is always a bummer. which reminds me, i need to pack my light.
i've really got nothing.
zoe has a horrible diaper rash, casey didn't win any drama queen awards tonight, john's shoulder is feeling better and my contacts suck lately. that's about it going on in the gatto's house.
looks like kent from kent eriksen cycles will be down for the palos race this weekend with his wife katie lindquist (a 24 solo world champion) and friend andy. pretty cool. i'll get to meet them in person. when you get a custom frame done by a small builder it's almost like they become a sort of friend. for those of you who don't know who kent is he is the founder of moots and the maker of my killer ti mtb frame. he's in the mountain bike hall of fame. they'll be in wisconsin visiting his family (right by kewaskum incidentily), they are choosing to drive down to palos instead. then they'll head out up to what seems like canada for the cheq fat tire fest.
til tomorrow.


julie said...

if you want riding buddies, the pegasi are headed to palos tonight- i'll email you about it.

Tom K said...

You need to win it on his bike then.

mountaingoat said...

Kent says on his website, "These bikes are almost impossible to endo." when talking about 29ers.

I'm proud to say I've endo'd many times on my 29ers.

spicyride said...

that's why he had to put "almost"

Tom K said...

see, people can "almost" be like mountaingoat, but not quite.

bubba said...

What do you think my chances are of making it into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame?