procrastinating pack rats

john and i have pretty much ignored our house for 2 years now. we put hardwood floors in feb 05. we had to tear some railings down and still haven't put them back up. our basement is full of clutter and junk. not even fun junk.
our attic is full. you can't even walk into the office or kids rooms there is so much stuff.
i need to get a dumpster to make room. i remembered to make the call when i hadn't decided to get one for sure and now that i've decided we need one for sure, i keep forgetting to call!
to start i'm going through the clothes. i just filled over 6 garbage bags full of clothes to give to goodwill. i haven't even hit the cycling clothes yet. tons of good jerseys i don't think i wore more than once. socks. i plan on getting rid of everything i haven't worn in a year and maybe then some. and then when the new twin six jerseys hit, i'll get rid of more.
i used to not be able to part with anything. it was usually practically new. but i like new things. i like keeping it fresh. i never wear things i keep just in case. the last two years or so i get the urge to purge. it's that time of year.
now i just need to work on the shoe thing. i have a real hard time parting with shoes.
once we purge the basement and attic (and garage- yikes) the clutter upstairs and the other rooms will have a home.
the weather looks to be sweet tomorrow. 66 and sunny. i probably won't get a chance to enjoy it, but who knows, maybe i'll need to go home early. wednesday is halloween. casey is super stoked. she can't wait to dress up. sunday brings another competition at st. xavier college. another big one. at least its close.


Tom K said...

when you finish over there, stop by here while your guys are on a roll.

thanks in advance.

velogrrl said...

well, I was going to say come over here next, as soon as you are done, but Tom beat me to it.... I have a hard time parting with things too.

there ought to be a place we can take or send old cycling clothing, where we know it will go to people who know what it is for and use it... like new racers on a collegiate team or juniors or something... new young riders just getting into cycling can't afford to buy a week or so's worth of riding gear all at once.

Arleigh said...

I emailed you

regina said...

You can send old cycling clothes to me, lol. I don't ahvea ton of clothes yet, I actually only ahve 3 jeseries that are the right size. I keep the others so I can wear during winter. I need more clothes.

Shoes I can't part with either, it takes a very long time for me to get ride of any of them. Someday they'll be in style again and I'll be so bummed I ditched them. Must keep shoes, lol.

Good luck with the purging, glad to see we're not the only ones who get lazy about house stuff.

Christine said...

I am glad we are not the only one's with a cluttered basement of junk. I wish I could hire someone to sell my crap on E-bay. I should of had a garage sale this summer but of course we are never home so Purple Heart gets most of our stuff and they seem to call on a monthly basis now.

D A N O said...

I have no problem parting with stuff.... as long as its not bike stuff.

I always say you should not own more stuff than you can put in your car.

vegan said...

I'm with Regina, if you are getting rid of bike stuff, you should let us pick through it first. = ) I personally think that you can never have too much bike stuff although I'm sure Tom would disagree with me.

Little Buddy said...

Having a house without a basement has been liberating.

Dumpster....that is serious business.

amelia said...

If there are leftovers from your cycling clothing collection after everybody else has picked through it send it my way and I'll give it to the UW Cycling team. We have about 10 new girls on the team, many of whom have never biked seriously and only have a UW kit.