what's happening?

not much going on with the Gattos.
Christmas was fun. busy, but fun.
it was a greay year with the girls. casey's in the swing of it and you could just see the excitement in her leading up to it. zoe is a character. she is very animated.
we all received lots of neat stuff. from video games to tees to cool underwear.
it's been fun watching the girls play together now that zoe is getting older. they can play up in casey's room for hours. they fight now too. zoe is pretty physical.
i kinda took the week off of work. mostly just checking email and falling behind. but it shouldn't be too bad when i get back into the office.
its supposed to snow tomorrow. i hope we don't get too much, i'm ready to ride.


D A N O said...

Welcome back.
Glad to hear the holidays went well

joeyTWOwheels said...

It's pretty cool to have two kids each with distinct personalities. Katie is super fast and has to be in everything. PJ is super chill and strong - he just hangs out.

Hope you guys have a great year!


Kenny said...

underwear is not a gift unless you buy it one pair at a time and makes daddy happy.