two crashes

casey crashed twice last night. she all of a sudden became an aggressive rider. it could've been that we told her for every rider she passed she'd get a buck. morgan was there and it seemed to get her fired up. first time was coming into the last turn before the rhythm section. not sure who was a at fault but casey and a little boy got tangled up. she got up right away but still came to the bench crying. she want right back out. second time came later in the evening. the gate just happened to be all little kids. coming out of the first turn casey cut it a little bit, didn't go up high enough and tangled with another little boy. an older boy got her moving again. her back was pretty scratched up and she wanted to sit out for a bit. she wanted to go home, but we made her go out a couple times so she wasn't afraid, but it was obvious she was super timid in the turns whether there was another rider or not. hopefully next week she'll have her magic back. it was a bummer to see her get her confidence up and ride so tough in the beginning and then have her confidence knocked away so fast. it was as if she went back to day one.
but at the same time she's tough and likes to do it, so this week i'm sure she'll get it back. she likes putting money in her piggy bank and we already owe her $5 just from two runs last night.
nothing going today. i may go check out how snowy/icy the trails are later. clean a little. i think my mom has reese and audrey so we may take the kids for pizza tonight. tomorrow john has the tour. i'm all caught up on lost so i don't even have that. i'm sort of relieved though, as fun as it was, it was taking over for a bit.


bmxmtbfam said...

I bribe josh with food, but the dollar sounds like a good idea