i find myself checking the weather every day in hopes of getting a glimpse into warmer temps. i'm never satisfied. i'll have to remember these days when it's 90s and humid as all get out.
the weekend was uneventful but i can say we were never bored so it was satisfying.
i started to panic a little about off-road riding. i know it sounds silly, but i'm so paranoid about the season being so short already.
nothing really going on this week. it's my sis' birthday today. happy birthday steph. lost is on hiatus til april 24th so i don't even have that. hopefully get some riding in.
casey's on spring break and gramma liz stole her for the next two days.


Chris said...

I told Kim this weekend that 'cross season may have to suffer this year in order to get some real trail riding in, in September!

mzzm said...

Spring? I keep telling myself that it will be here tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes. Motivation to push through the elements is lacking for the first time in many years. Once a week ride on the road is all I'm getting lately. Maybe tomorrow...

D A N O said...

I keep checking the 10 day forcast, looking for maybe some 50's or something. Sometimes I check twice in the same hour just in case they update.

I need to stop doing that cuz I get all depressed.

Girly said...

spring...I say the heck with spring...bring on summer!