nothing new really. i was driving home tonight and looked down at the clock. it was 5:47. i thought after this sunday it would be this light at 6:47. kind of exciting really. it's not that hard to get me excited these days. i'm so looking forward to riding. yeah i know, who isn't.
my front hub arrived today but no rear. lame excuse as to why it didn't show but was promised i should have it by the end of the month. i don't have the rims anyway, so it really doesn't matter.
one week til color.
this weekend no plans as of yet. i don't think anyway. none for the rest of the week really.
i should make an appointment for a haircut. i'm due. it's like puffy or poofy or something. i end up having to use product to tame it.


julie said...

product! the word that refers to any kind of goop that tames the mane. i love that word.

Anonymous said...

I had that same exact thought tonight as I was driving home - it will this light out next week at 6:40, and it's almost time for Russell's Thursday night beatdowns to begin...