winter storm watch

great. i look forward to the snow should be awesome.
watched the hawks kill the capitals last night. it was boring towards the end so i went to bed.
i have a caffeine headache today. no coffee or caffeine yesterday and so far none today. i forget how painful these can be.
i've been waking up well rested a bit after 5am lately but today i feel a bit like dragging. maybe it's because i overslept?
hoping to get a ride in later this afternoon, beat the snow.
no real plans this weekend. easter sunday is about it. we'll split our time with the family.
john wants to have gamer night on friday and invite some friends and the neighbor kids over to play video games. i may have to find an alternative.


joeyTWOwheels said...

Strap on the lights and go for a Friday night ride.

Khababulin was on fire yesterday.

mountaingoat said...

I think you're being sarcastic about the snow.

I was really hoping for some rides the next few days, I'm sort of annoyed about the snow too.