the weekend was pretty uneventful. for john and i at least. casey had a lot going on.
we got some small things done around the house, some errands taken care of and each rode our bikes for a short time.
i felt like shit yesterday. i wasn't sick or anything, just real tired. i had no energy.
i feel great today. went to bed at a decent hour and woke up a bit before 6am feeling very well rested! i have not felt like this in awhile.
i was in the office a bit early so i'm hoping to get home early. maybe beat the rain and mess that they are forecasting. doubt it, but i'll figure something out.
no plans for the week really. just try to ride or be active i guess.
i still need my hair cut.
rock cut is about a month away. i still think no way. but i'll think positive from now on.


D A N O said...

I will be at Rock Cut.....

whenever it is.