is the end near?

yesterday i felt better. in the morning i woke up with a slight sinus headache.
i felt a little bit of relief towards the afternoon, especially after taking a tylenol cold and sinus. its either still working today or this is clearing... or maybe in hibernation and will attack when the weather turns pretty again.
i rode last night for an hour and thirty minutes. my second longest ride of the year. my feet were frozen by the end. i rode the bike paths and it was one of those rides where it never failed i'd have to stop for a long time at every stop light, crossing or whatever. i'm not complaining as i was happy to be out riding. but it can be annoying. the other day while i was out i was super lucky. i rarely had to stop and if i did, it wasn't for very long.
i actually road my road bike. it was weird. i still have to figure out the numb crotch thing. not sure if its the saddle, i'm not high enough, too close or too far away.
i won't spend a lot of time complaining per my monday post, but did you see the weekend forecast? bleh. bummer.
its raining right now and a bit chilly.
john's sis is in from california with the hubby and kids. we'll see them tonight. the deep dish pizza we'll be eating adds to the excitement.

the surly with the fleegle.


Tom K said...

ooooooh, deep dish