still sick

boo. i actually sat on the trainer last night for 40 minutes just to get my heart pumping and hopefully feel a little better. i felt great afterwards but today i feel like shit again. i'm so tired and i can't stop coughing.
zoe's pretty sick too which doesn't help. she was in our bed last night super fidgety and restless so i didn't sleep. every time we went to put her in her own bed she would wake up. she finally fell into a deep sleep around 6am. just in time for me to get out of bed.
she woke up just as i was heading out the door. it was good to see her face wasn't covered in snot so hopefully she's on the upside of feeling better. she seemed to be running a slight fever though.
i'm hoping there are some peeps heading out to waterfall glen tomorrow. don't know what the trails are looking like after all the rain we had. sounds like a text message is in order to the ride leader.
still haven't ordered my rims yet. i'm slow. seems ashame to have these beautiful hubs sitting here with the spokes and no rims.
so far the 10 day is looking pretty good to get some miles in. i still may take a day off but it'll all hinge on this cold.


Chris said...

Kim is sick too, but it looks like it's starting to break. Hopefully I can sleep enough to ward it off.

I have my rims but no hubs -- can I borrow yours? ;-)

D A N O said...

Remember when I was sick for like, 15 days in Jan?

That sucked.