hammy, rain & terror

my hamstrings are still sore. i'm pedaling squares. they are getting better and better each day, but i can still feel them twinge when i move. i find it funny and sad that i hurt my legs that badly pulling weeds and it's taking me this long to recover.
short ride last night. since my hamstrings were still so tight i was having trouble pedaling with my left leg. but at least i got out. it was the most beautiful day.
tonight i'm not even going to bum that i can't ride my mountain bike. compared to what's going on in some places in wisconsin (lake delton, bubba's trails, etc) our trails are still there, just in bad shape. i'll embrace my road bike tonight. it's going to be another beautiful day.
zoe has been a terror lately. the terrible two's are starting. not to mention she has night terrors. casey had them, but not as bad. it's so sad to see them so upset and nothing you can do about it. your heart just breaks.
today will be a long day at work. i have lots to do. i'll be working from home tomorrow and then will be taking friday off to pack and head up to mt. morris. hopefully the rain holds off and we won't have a repeat of last year.


julie said...

sucks that your legs are still hurting! have you tried massage?

What Do I Feel Like Riding today? said...

I called the trail line for Muir and they should be opening again soon, which surprised me. I emailed "the Don" yesterday and he said they are going to put out a status report in regards to this weekend tomorrow.

mzzm said...

You're committed to WORS as Dino race on Saturday is only an hour away. Not sure if water is a factor there either.

spicyride said...

not a real massage, but i have had john try to massage them, but when he tried that's when you could barely touch my legs. i may have him try again.
yes, we are opting for wors with imagination glen so close... it's a series thing i guess.

Chris said...

K is getting by with a small LED lantern, it's the only way to calm her down. Now June bugs on the other hand, scare the living daylights out of her!

julie said...

fwiw, I've become addicted to Cortiva School of Massage- $40/hr! Also, the Stick. Esp if it's in your legs, those little roller-self-massage stick things are the jam.