its been awhile

sara and i met up at palos last night in hopes of riding some minty fresh trails.
conditions were better than i thought they would be. still a few problem spots but all were in better condition than the last time i rode out there.
i had the ferrous with me for it's first dirt action.
we rode out of the staging area and headed over to the new cemetary loop. we found it easily. we then switched bikes so she could check out the 29er goodness.
i quickly laid her sycip down in a turn not used to the bb7 brakes. i soon got used to being on a different bike and we were able to really ride then.
the new loop is fun stuff! up, down, lots of log crossings. we didn't know where the trail looped back to where we came in so we ran into the old entrance a couple times. d'oh.
we finally made it out without re-riding anything and headed over to stonehenge, etc.
took old country lane road to pretty little trail (shhh) and headed up burrito hill. i pried my ferrous out of sara's fingers and we headed over to out n back. the beginning had a tree down and a wet spot or two, but the rest of the trail was awesome!

we took turns riding each others bikes to feel the differences and just for fun.
after out n back we took pipeline over to turf 1. turf 1 was smokin'. i forgot how awesome that trail is! just as we turned up to climb psychopath... pssssss. shit. flat. i haven't run tubed tires in over 5 years. i haven't had a flat in over 5 years. i ran tubes and flatted. bummer. luckily sara was prepared and had a tube. 30 mosquito bites later we headed back to the car.
super fun ride. can't wait for next time.
so many trails so little time.


mountaingoat said...

Nice planning on the matching jerseys.

vegan said...

I have no idea where those pics were taken. What trail is that?

spicyride said...

out n back

Christine said...

you look like a pro

Tom K said...

it's almost like those pick the differences pictures.

Sara said...

That was a kick ass ride.

And yes, I love the ferrous.

vegan said...

Wow, it's been so long since I've been on that trail, I didn't even recognize it. Sad.