lots to do

i'd like to finish the ferrous tonight or tomorrow. right now there is absolutely no chance of being at wors #5 since everyone races at the same time, but i can still hope.
today is dragging pretty good. i'm tired. i didn't get to bed til this morning actually. i learned a long time ago not to drink mountain dew but i caved and had some with dinner last night.
if wors #5 is a no go at least the ferrous'll get a shake down over the weekend if this weather pattern holds. no chance of rain in the forecast til friday (and friday is at 40%). i don't believe we have had 3 or 4 dry days in a row since winter.
i may even be able to ride palos wednesday. fingers crossed. i may even go out to the mesa for some recon. very strange that it's mid-june and i haven't ridden out there. sad.
i'm thinking my next chance for a good night's rest is wednesday. too much housework and bike work i want to get out of the way, not to mention ride. where can i buy more hours for the day?


mountaingoat said...

Pets looked like it was drying up well today. We'll get some dirt in up here this week.